kollel avrechim

Elul, 5772 (1975) the kollel was opened with in the synagogue. The Kollel was established as part of the 71 institutions that were established as a gift to the Rebbe on his 70th birthday. On several occasions, the Rebbe expressed affection to the kollel and emphasized its unique location, "Kollel of prayer and study of the holy Torah with in the walls of the Holy City of the Holy Land and the building of our Rabbis." On several occasions, the Rebbe noted the completeness of the building, which remained intact throughout the years and wars.

Over the years, dozens of books and Booklets have been published by the Kollel in commentaries and commentary on  Torah and Chasidut . The most prominent of these is the Yagdil Torah collection, which the rabbi initiated; At the 18 Elul farbrengen in 5736, the Rebbe called for the establishment of a special platform in which the novellae of our rabbis and their students would be published. The Rebbe emphasized that two places would be established for the concentration of the material – at the Tzemach Tzedek Kollel in Jerusalem and in the Secretariat's Kollel near 770. Thus the Rebbe said, "And since I will raise you Jerusalem Above all my joy, in the kollel in the synagogue named after the “Tzemach Tzedek” which is there …" 

After the founding of the file, the Rebbe asked for each and every one of the files that had been published. And always demanded to spend more and more. As Rav Chaim Sholom Deutch said: On one occasion, Rabbi Hodokov conducted a telephone conversation with Rabbi Shai Schneerson of the Kollel Chabad administration and in the middle asked: When will the additional file come out ?, Here the conversation moved to me and I heard the Rebbe asking, "What about the file? Where is the file? "And I replied that the file was already in print, and the Rebbe did not let go:" Well, when will it come out? "Here the Rebbe said the following:" After all, you learn in the kollel. Where, then, are the innovations. Today they learned, where are the innovations"

And since I will raise you Jerusalem Above all my joy, in the kollel in the synagogue named after the “Tzemach Tzedek” which is there … 



from the rebbe words

Today the heads of  the Kollel; Rabbi Chaim Shalom Deitsch and Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Segal
And every day about 40 yeshiva students study hard and diligently.

preyer times


kabalt shabbat: 15 min after lighting
shachris: 10:00
mincha: 13:30


shachris: 6:00
shachris: 8:30
mincha: 13:30